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Here you'll find the new additions to the site, or news about Social Unrest.
Remember it's up to you to contribute !
Don't get yer hopes too high:I have a job, family & band to take care of,
so i don't have hours to spend on a stupid computer,OK ?!

September 3rd 2000:
A great new pix of Jimi  as Wattie & new comments.
A link to the webmaster's site.
Jimi Brogan just put out a book about his 17 years of touring 
w/ SU & Samiam !It should be on yer table or toilet right now !Sure
to be a best seller !
Also expect some stuff coming soon from Jason Honea himself !

March 7th 2001:
Fuck yeah !A whole lot of new pictures, flyers & a cool SU/Ramones 
poster for you !
Thanks a million to Dela for contribution !She was right there then,
hanging around w/ the band.
If Jason Honea reads this: my Mac fucked up & i lost your email,
so get in touch please !
Also expect some more stuff from Ray Vegas soon (see his mail
in the comments section).

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