This site wasn't made by any ex-band member, but   by an early French fan who 
still can listen to his old records without any nostalgia.

The fact is that Social Unrest still sounds as good today as they were 15 years ago, 
i guess that's how you know when songs are great !

There's also a solid friendship thing involved  there , since a member of the band 
has been my friend for a long time (absolutely no sex involved , i'm hetero !). 

This page will be yours if you have any cool Social Unrest story, or , for that matter, 
if you want to say anything about the band.

Hopefully,expect some stuff from Social Unrest members coming sometimes soon !


March 2nd 2000 : HEY !HERE'S JIMI'S FIRST REPORT !


"Hey there kids! James Brogan here... Guitar playing fool for Social Unrest / 

Social Unrest was such a great experience for me. Started travelling at age 
19, playing some of the worst dumps and best places ever! Many, many great 
experiences that I will remember forever.

On our first U.S. tour that I booked (they had already done some West Coast 
dates before I joined) was fun, but a disaster. I remember a bunch of shows 
cancelling back East and we just sat around running out of the precious few 
dollars we had left.

I remember sharing a can of soup with Danny, the other guitarist, straight 
outta the can cold! I remember "borrowing" a couple of jars of peanut butter 
and jelly and bread, and living on peanut butter and jelly for almost 10 
days! Damn! Also, the ice chest we kept it in got so funky with a black 
fungus, that it attacked everything in the cooler and was trying to get in 
the last of the P.B and J.! Smelled horrid!

We were driving home and coming into CA. we were stopped for checking for 
fruits (just look at us!) and vegetables. The guy in uniform says "Whats in 
the cooler?" I said " Please don't open it!" He was saying "Pull over and 
open it!" I said " I waaaarrrrrned you..." and I opened the stinky black 
death and it smelled like a drunk midget climbed in the and died a horrific 
death! He was like " get outta here!!!" We were laughing all the way home...

Another couple o' stories on a different trip in the U.S. and Canada... We 
were stopped at the border on the Canadian side. John Vollick(ex-bass player 
now manager)had long dreads and the guy was mainly checking him out.
 "Pull over!" Big surprise... Not really...

"Tell us where the drugs are and we'll let ya go". Yeah right! Like were 
dumb enough to... Wait... Never mind!

"We have nothing!" We say. "Take out all the gear and lets search with our 
dog. You're all going to prison if we find anything!"

"Search away", I tell him.

They bring the dog in to search. "Shithead! (Thats the dogs name!)"Find the 
drugs!" He continues pulling stuff out for the dog to sniff. 
The dog comes across Johns dirty clothes bag that had been festering in the hot sun 
for days. The dog starts freaking out sniffing it! "Find 'em! Find 'em!"

The dog starts sneezing really bad and runs down the street! 
"Shitheaaaaad!!!!!" The screams at us to get outta here... Whew!

Thanks to everyones buddy Hugo "tagada" ! We appreciate your hard 
work-great friend to have!!

Let me know if ya want more stories, I'm full of 'em! Bye kids! Email me or (They have all the S.U. on C.D.) 


I just want to give me all credits for the S.U. page.
You don´t know, how I´ve been looking for one from time to time. But never
has there been a page for one of the worlds finest bands. Really good.
I first started like Social Unrest in the autumn of ´96. And they have
followed me since then. Not that I listen to them that much now but when I
do, I do like them as much as I did then. Fuck they´re great. I have tried
to get my friend to like them but hardly anyone does see their greatness.
And that is a pity.
Well, I just wanted to tell you little about my relation with S.U.
yes I went to see them in the autumn of ´96 i Stockholm, they would paly
with Snap-Her, but they never showed up. That was kinda frustrating!! I had
been travelling 200 kilometers and they didn´t come! Very disapointing.
Well that would be all for now.
Hopefully will we stay in touch or something, for where I live, like I said
noone likes Social Unrest.
take care and stay in touch
/johan . sweden.

Sorry for the slow reply but I work a lot of hrs. 
I don't have any SU stories really, I saw them a few times back in the 
early 80's, I had a girlfriend that stole all my SU albums when we broke 
up, that's all she took,no other bands. But I have lots of old punk stories. 
If you want to hear those let me know !

I was looking for some sites of my old band "Social UnRest" and your
site came up.  To be honest, I didn't think there were any sites.  It
looks like you went to alot of effort, the site is great.  It made me
feel good to see.  You made my day. Even my wife is excited.  I have
some old live tapes from the European tour, pictures, articles, records,
information.  If there is anything i can do for you let me know, I may
be able to accommodate you. take care.
                                            Raymond Moses Vegas



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